Air Conditioning

Our technicians specialized in air conditioning in los alcazares are available to make the installation of your air conditioner split or type ducts of efficient, professional and with all the guarantees.

We have own air-conditioning service, specializing in repairs will solve problems with your air conditioning as soon as possible and keeping informed on costs and operations that will be carried out on the computer both if it is a split system or a machine duct.

Our workshop carries out repair of air conditioning in Los Alcázares but also have repair service or diagnosis by phone.

Hires a professional and above all with warranty and reliability of a legally constituted company, inexpert handling may be to buy a new system!

In Rodriguez Climason, we put at your disposal our air conditioning technicians for any inquiry or our projects Department to resolve your concerns, in our offices will attend them, and will resolve your questions instantly.

Intelligent air conditioning

If you have problems with your air conditioning in los alcazares or sorroundings here we give you some recommendations:

  1. in the event that you find a leak in the roof or walls check system drain line to be sure that the drain is not blocked which is common with air conditioning in roldan so the condensation can drain freely
  2. listening to your air conditioner turns on and shuts off constantly split or the fan may need cleaning by a qualified professional
  3. When your HVAC unit is not cooling, this often occurs with air conditioning in san pedro del pinatar necessary is necessary to check several things: make sure the unit of any other options that might be limiting the flow of air, then the air filter unit and securely attach the insulation or replace any insulation impaired by temperature

If you have problems with your air conditioning in San Javier the displacement due to the proximity to our offices will not be charged.

If you have more problems with your air conditioner, we will arrange to determine fault, since sometimes this can be complicated due to the amount of refrigerant gases that exist (R407, R410, R22) or due to the complexity of the system, which consists of the compressor, fan, electronic board, indoor unit and outdoor unit, fin.

By what if you have problems with your air conditioning call already Rodriguez Climason, we provide services of air conditioning in Los Alcázares

We also work in the areas of Torre Pacheco, Polaris, Sucina, Balsicas and Los Urrutias in Murcia

We have a proven and extensive experience with the resorts of Polaris in Murcia, so if you have problems with your air conditioning in Polaris we will solve your problem as quickly as both if it is a 9000 BTU air-conditioning or a 3500 BTU air conditioner